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COVID-19 Resources

For assistance during these trying times, click the button below for a guide from the RSPA on resources available to the services industry.

Discounted Services!


To assist our current and future customers around the globe during these trying times, we are discounting our MyGCOnline eGift Card service and our new curbside check-in service, I’m Ready! until the End of June!

No Contracts!
Cancel Anytime!

For our online eGift Card service, MyGCOnline, we are discounting our Setup Fee to $200; $75 upfront, $125 at the End of August (normally $400 upfront)!

We are also waiving the Monthly Fee (normally $40 per month) and the Per-Card Fee (normally $0.25 per card) for cards sold online until the end of August at no cost per card to you!

**NOTE: eGift Cards are currently only supported by customers of the onePOS point-of-sale system. MyGCOnline does support the sale of Physical Gift Cards online for any service.

I’m Ready!, our new curbside check-in service, will help alleviate human contact at the point of purchase and expedite the customer arrival process. Utilizing an e-mail address and a receipt printer at the restaurant, customers will be able to log onto the I’m Ready! Website, locate the restaurant using their device’s GPS and send a chit to a receipt printer at the restaurant letting you know they’ve arrived.

For I’m Ready!, the price is $25 upfront Setup Fee and $10 Monthly Fee starting in September.

Our Commitment To You

We pride ourselves on our quality of work. Through a mainly local client base, and lots of word of mouth, we have maintained a reputation of being the point of sale company that is there every time, no matter what the situation or time of night.

Every merchant is different, big or small. We have clients of all kinds, and never hesitate to take on a new challenge. Likewise, if you want to start small now, and leave room to get bigger later, we can accomodate that as well.

Our Services


We’re ready to tailor your point of sale experience to your specific needs. We train your staff and stay from open to close during launch to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Gift Cards & Loyalty

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs help you get more customers through the door, and gets them spending more once they get inside. We can even help you sell your gift cards online with MyGCOnline!

Online Ordering

Let your customers order their favorite dishes right from their smartphones! Plus, we integrate directly with most delivery services, like, UberEats, GrubHub & many more!

Labor Scheduling

We are proud to announce that we are now offering labor scheduling! Employee cans view their schedule on their smartphones, as well as request time off, trade or pickup shifts, and more!


Waitlist & Table Management

Need a better way to manage your waitlist? Our new WaitList by EBTF service is an all-digital waitlist, allowing easy management of your restaurant seating.

Point-of-Sale Changes Everything

Reduce waste, reduce ticket times, and keep track of your stock, all with the same system.

Take the Numbers With You

Welcome to oneConnect!

With oneConnect, you can monitor your sales figures from miles away. At any time, you can check your charts and graphs for up to date information on sales, inventory, etc. The oneConnect app is compatible with Android and iPhone.


Now Available for Your Apple Watch!

We are happy to announce our new Apple Watch interface. Your owners and management staff can monitor alerts from anywhere in the restaurant.

More Intelligent P.O.S. Interactions

To develop a more efficient workflow with the users, we help you design every button

and every menu item with the least amount of clicks and touches in mind to get the job done.

Some of Our Clients

Round the Clock Support

We always answer the phone, no matter what time of day!

Real 24/7/365 support you can trust!

Many Devices, Many Options

Whether you want tablets or terminals, we’ve got you covered. Our software is lean, robust and flexible, and made to work across most devices.

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