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Running a restaurant is challenging. And the secret to making any restaurant successful is active, hands-on management. Offering top-notch customer service, monitoring employee performance, accessing real-time sales data and accurately tracking inventory are crucial steps to growing your business. 

Investing in a modern POS system (or upgrading your current POS) is crucial to restaurant growth. There are dozens of POS systems available on the market that all have unique functionality to cater to your unique objectives. 

Use these 4 main reasons to upgrade to a modern POS to help guide your research and empower you to make the best decision for your restaurant.

  1. Cloud-Based Operations

Internet-based POS systems enable you to check in on your store (or multiple stores) from anywhere with internet connection. This helps you get a snapshot of real-time data and allows you to manage your restaurant from home, vacation or abroad. Pick a system that offers cloud-based back-of-house software that enables you to change menu items, update prices, send alerts to staff, monitor inventory and more with just a few clicks. If your POS doesn’t allow you to easily access data and manage your store from anywhere, consider looking for a new system. 

  1. Improved Customer Service

Investing in a fast, efficient Front-of-House software helps your staff take orders quicker and more accurately, resulting in a better guest experience and tables turned faster. This makes more money for staff and ownership and keeps guests coming back. Look for systems that handle modifiers with as few clicks as possible, allow for easy upsells and are able to easily split items and checks to speed up your staff’s process. 

  1. Identify Your “Hot-Selling” Items 

By monitoring your popular (and unpopular) items, you get a better snapshot of what’s working on your menu and can make accurate decisions when forecasting future inventory orders. Look for systems that sync with 3rd party inventory apps to streamline inventory management. 

  1. Save Time

When your POS system empowers you to run the majority of your operations from anywhere, you have the time and freedom to focus on growing your customer-base. Having access to real-time sales data, managing employee time, tracking inventory and updating menu items enables you to run the restaurant from virtually anywhere. Look for POS systems that offer these cloud-based services and make sure they offer this functionality through a mobile app so you can access data on the go.

Choosing the right POS system for your restaurant is challenging. With so many choices, it’s hard to feel confident making the right decision for your unique needs. Beware of systems that claim to do EVERYTHING well. These systems will upsell you on features you don’t need and that aren’t meaningful to your business. 

Instead, focus on finding a system that meets the 4 checkmarks above to make sure your decision aligns with your restaurant objectives. Because there’s never been a better time to gain better control over your restaurant and catapult your business over the coming years! 

At Everything But The Food, we’ve developed a more efficient POS workflow for your staff that helps you turn your guests 30% quicker. We design every button and menu item with the least amount of clicks and touches. 

And with our free oneConnect app, you can monitor your sales figures from anywhere online. 

If you are interested in reducing waste, reducing ticket times and keeping track of your stock all with the same system, schedule a demo with us to help us learn about the unique needs of your restaurant and identify specific solutions to grow your business.