COVID-19 Restaurant Resources

We’ve compiled a rotating list of helpful webinars that are free and on-demand as a valuable resource for navigating the months ahead. We’ll periodically update and add new links as we find resources that are relevant to your current challenges. 

Whether you’re a Restaurant Owner, General Manager or Operations Director, we think you’ll find something helpful and actionable in all of the links below. 

Check back periodically as we vet and add new webinars to the list!

Digital Ordering Trends – Before & During Social Distancing 

Upcoming Webinar – Tuesday, April 28, 2020 – 2:00 pm (ET)

Hear research and examples of customer perception and how it’s changed regarding restaurant technology with the adoption of social distancing. From cashless payments, to third-party ordering apps, to consumer dining trends post COVID-19, this will provide insight into where consumers are headed and how you can stay ahead. 

How Restaurants Are Responding to COVID-19 Crisis

Hear how creative restaurant operators are going beyond just takeout and delivery to make up for lost revenue, by utilizing new innovative ideas that are reshaping restaurant business. 

Delivering Sales-Generated Insights During the COVID-19 Crisis

Learn about actionable strategies you can implement now to differentiate your restaurant brand amongst the crisis.