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Go big or go home? That saying might apply to many things, but a restaurant point of sale (POS) solution vendor probably isn’t one. Solutions from POS companies that try to appeal to a mass market may seem attractive at first. They’re simple, easy to use, and inexpensive. But these surface-level features often hide a much more complicated truth. 

After the post-purchase honeymoon period ends, you’ll likely discover that your POS vendor has little time for your calls. And what about all the promises they made? Don’t be surprised to find they can’t properly train your workers before the go-live milestone. They might even try to get away with virtual instruction. Maybe, they won’t upload menus into your system properly before your servers start to take orders. Or, they may fudge implementation, setting up the system without keeping tech support ready to step in onsite, if needed.

What a “Bargain” POS Solution Can Mean to Your Business

Any chaos and confusion a POS solution provider causes will have serious consequences for your business — and your bottom line. A system that’s not set up on time and spec means you might have to take orders by hand. This nightmare scenario will undoubtedly scare off walk-ins without patience for this outdated experience. You could lose sales, and if that isn’t bad enough, you could receive negative customer reviews. Review Trackers reports that 33 percent of diners won’t eat at restaurants with less than a 4-star review on sites like Yelp. 

It should go without saying that functionality is at the heart of any POS solution. After all, you aren’t going through the trouble of replacing your legacy system so that the new one sends the wrong orders to the kitchen. Also, if a POS solution has a hiccup with happy hour menus or modifiers, you could have to comp customers. It all adds up to waste, lost profits, and maybe lost customers. 

POS Solutions that Deliver Real Value

There’s a natural order of things in a restaurant’s operational flow. Any POS solution worth its salt will improve—rather than hurt—your processes. A new POS system should enable you to take orders, make menu changes, prepare and serve items at the right time. It will also allow you to split or combine checks easily. Additionally, it will make back-office work like taxes and payroll a breeze and generate accurate, easy-to-digest reports.

Service, too, is one of the big sticking points when picking a POS solution. What seems like bargain pricing for a mass-market POS system may ultimately cost you more in service. But the good news is that purchasing your POS solution from a local value-added reseller ensures affordable access to the service and support you need. With a local POS provider, you are working with a business that wants to build a lasting relationship instead of simply making a sale. With a big-name company, you’ll rarely interact with the same face (or name) more than once. 

Make a Wise Investment 

When it comes to your POS solution, don’t fall into the trap of a system that seems too good to be true. If you’ve got your eye on a simple POS system from a large brand, know that its bargain pricing could cost you in the long run. Can you afford to put your reputation, your customers’ satisfaction and your workers’ well-being on the line? The safe bet is to work with a POS provider who understands your business and is dedicated to nailing down the details that will ensure your ultimate success.