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Consumers quickly made curbside pickup a regular part of their routines after the pandemic began. Curbside pickup allows customers to choose a time to arrive and pick up their orders without leaving the car. Also, staff can place the order in the trunk or back seat, making pickup contactless and socially distanced. However, a communication breakdown can occur. Guests need a way to let the business know they’ve arrived. A curbside pickup solution gives customers an easy way to say they’re ready for their orders.

Curbside Pickup Without the Worry

Some businesses that offer curbside pickup may have focused mostly on operational efficiency. Their software sends confirmations to customers and orders to the restaurant kitchen or store’s fulfillment center, period. But many businesses overlook details that make curbside pickup experiences easy for customers. Some keep customers guessing about how the process works until they arrive and click a text link. Others lacked a way for their customers to notify them and require them to call by phone.  

But no advance notice of how the pickup process works can create concern for customers who aren’t sure how they’ll get their orders. It can also be an issue for elderly or ill customers who are sending someone else to retrieve their orders. 

Overcoming these challenges and improving CX is easy with the right curbside pickup solution – like I’m Ready from Everything But The Food. 

How the I’m Ready Curbside Pickup Solution Works 

After customers place orders online, a business can text or email them the link to the I’m Ready website. It’s easily accessible via a mobile browser. Once on the website, customers locate the business where they’ll pick up their order. They can type information. However, I’m Ready gives the customer the option to enable location services. This option automatically finds the closest businesses using the service, and customers can select the location with just a click.

Next, I’m Ready asks for the customer’s name, pickup parking space number, and vehicle description. After the customer enters the information, the app sends a receipt to a printer in the restaurant or store. Staff can then match the information on this receipt to the order staged for pickup and deliver it to the customer’s vehicle. 

A Solution with Potential

I’m Ready is a valuable solution for restaurants and stores as they provide curbside service during the pandemic. However, it will continue to deliver value in the future. Statista reports that about 20 percent of consumers plan to use curbside pickup services long term.

In addition, the curbside pickup solution can be adapted for use any time a merchant wants to open a line of communication. For example, a business can use it to allow a customer to check in from a vehicle for an appointment at a spa or salon. You’ll provide better CX when you let your online ordering customers know in advance how the curbside pickup process works. And – internal processes will be streamlined and more efficient. Are you ready to give your customers an easy way to say, “I’m Ready”? Contact Everything But the Food for more information.