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While national takeout and delivery revenue has almost tripled since 2014 with over $300 Billion in volume throughout 2019, consumer response to COVID-19 has increased astronomically as restaurants focus solely on takeout and delivery services. 

Restaurants that already had efficient takeout and delivery services are now having to manage a massive influx in orders, while restaurants that didn’t focus on delivery are having to scramble to find the right solution. 

With the need to monitor multiple tablets for different platforms like UberEats, GrubHub and others, running an efficient operation can be challenging. 

However, there are solutions today that help restaurants automate processes for online ordering. Third-party POS integration platforms can receive online orders and relay them directly into the POS, automatically create an order ticket and even relay this information directly to kitchen staff. This dramatically reduces the time it takes for your employees to enter orders and notify the kitchen, as well as reducing order errors from manual entry. 

Restaurants that are overloaded with takeout orders, and don’t currently use a third-party integration system to manage all of the delivery platforms run into several key challenges:

  • Order overload as employees have to manually relay orders to kitchen staff.
  • Order errors as staff enters manual orders into the POS.
  • Lack of integration with delivery platforms and their POS increase the time it takes to manually input orders and relay order information to kitchen staff.

What To Look For in Third-Party Integration

Whether you’re shopping around for a better third-party integration, or you’re starting from scratch, it’s crucial to make sure whatever option you choose will actually increase efficiency in your operations. Things to consider when integrating a solution include:

  • Easy integration and ability to train using a user-friendly interface. 
  • Ability for the third-party integration to automatically relay online orders directly into the POS and straight to kitchen staff without employees having to manually input the customer’s order. This will cut down on manual errors and speed up ordering turnaround time. 
  • Solutions that include one-time monthly fees and no “per-order” fees.

The ultimate goal for integrating third-party online ordering solutions should be to increase to-go order speed and accuracy by delegating order entry to your online solution. At Everything But The Food, we integrate directly with a trusted third-party ordering system called ItsaCheckMate.

This solution helps our partners automatically receive third party orders directly into the POS, a flat-priced monthly fee and 24/7 support just like we offer our POS clients. 

Whether you’re looking for a new third party vendor, a comprehensive POS solution, or both, we can bridge the gap to bring all of these services together for your restaurant. In today’s new landscape, takeout and delivery efficiency is key to survival. If you’re looking to tighten up your processes, we’d love to talk with you!