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If you haven’t upgraded your POS system in the last several years,  take 2 minutes to check this out. 

This blog post outlines the benefits of looking at different POS options to help you better manage operations and increase profits at your restaurant. 

“If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It”

In the restaurant world, getting by on a system that just takes orders and runs simple reports isn’t enough to grow your business. 

Today’s POS systems provide greater efficiencies for back-of-house and are capable of being managed from anywhere with internet access.

Being able to edit menus, add items, track actual/forecasted inventory and revenue data provide owners everything they need to be more profitable.

And finding creative ways to enhance customer satisfaction through loyalty programs (where customers manage their own rewards and owners integrate unlimited marketing promotions through their POS) help restaurants grow. 

Does Your POS System Actually Decrease Costs & Increase Profits?

If your system doesn’t do two or more of the bullet points below, now is the time to think about switching:

  • POS systems that integrate with predictive order management software allow owners to project demand and decrease waste.
  • Pulling real-time analytical data from the cloud enable owners to make more accurate staffing and ordering decisions on the fly. 
  • Online labor scheduling helps owners decrease over-time.
  • Online ordering, loyalty programs and gift card programs help owners develop creative promotions to increase foot-traffic in the restaurant. 

79% Restaurant Owners Believe This 

Advanced POS technology can catapult your business and increase your operational efficiency. 

And while there are more POS options out there today than ever before, make sure to look at companies that provide specific solutions to your unique challenges. 

  • Look for unique Point-of-Sale solutions that streamline your operations and increase guest satisfaction by turning tables quicker.
  • Find a rock-solid Front-of-House POS system that also allows you to access their cloud to pull real-time data from anywhere.
  • Make sure to look for integrated Gift Cards & Loyalty, Online Ordering, Labor Scheduling, Online Analytics and more.

Should You Invest In a New System?

You know your restaurant better than anyone else, so you know the areas where improvement is possible. 

Use this knowledge to help you find the right system that provides specific solutions for you. 

It can be challenging even knowing where to start, so use the criteria above to help guide your research and help you choose the perfect POS for your restaurant. 

At Everything But The Food, we’ve developed a more efficient POS workflow for your staff that helps you turn your guests 30% quicker. We design every button and menu item with the least amount of clicks and touches. 

And with our free oneConnect app, you can monitor your sales figures from anywhere online. 

If you are interested in reducing waste, reducing ticket times and keeping track of your stock all with the same system, schedule a demo with us to help us learn about the unique needs of your restaurant and identify specific solutions to grow your business.